Thursday, November 09, 2006

When alcohol flows like water

So, am I wrong to be irritated that my DH is out of town for a class and he has gone out drinking every night with his class mates?

I guess I'm just a bit surprised. We both enjoy having the occasional drink, but rarely go to a bar to do so. I know that his company arranged for 2 of the events so attendance was mandatory and they oh-so kindly paid for an open bar, setting the stage - I guess - for bar-hopping afterward. The thing that really bugs me, and I can't decide if this is just totally selfish, is that he knows I'm working 12+ hrs a day and under a lot of stress. Usually he's my sanity check and the one who can calm me down with just a smile--needless to say, I lean on him pretty heavily at times and I've been spoiled. Not to mention the fact that going to a bar isn't something I'd choose to do with my free time while on business anyway--shopping, hell yes--and I'd probably go for a while since I'm truly not anti-social, but going out and drinking heavily is NOT my cup of tea.

So I was expecting to talk to him for a while each night - thank you cell phones! - but for 4 nights straight he's been out when I called and had plans to stay out past when I was going to go to bed. In fact he's in Atlantic City right now...and I'm still working/taking a break from working at 1115 pm. This sucks.

I know, all this amounts to is bitching and moaning, and I'm not even sure I'm going to post this, but justified or not, I'm ticked. However, I know that nothing good will come of voicing this to DH, so thanks for listening. If the patten continues the next time he goes out of town, then I'll say something, but for now I know that he's been missing the camraderie of the military and all his buddies, so I don't want to be a bitch and deny him what he's found.

Now that I think about it...there's the true rub. I don't have anyone of my own to hang out with yet (since we just moved 3 mos ago). How pathetic is it that in a frickin' city of 8 million people I can't find someone to share a martini with? (And Mamacita--you don't count! You know I love you dearly and love the time I get to spend with you, but I'm sure you don't want to be the only girl I hang with.) And it's not even like I have had the time to do anything besides shower and work lately, but it would be nice to know that someone was there if I needed them.

I miss all my girls--you know who you are.

Well, work is staring me in the face while my pillow sings like the siren she is...

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Mamacita! said...

Thanks - I do take your meaning. I know I don't officially count, but I'm here. :)

It doesn't seem fair, no. He's not doing it to spite you though. Remember, these aren't people he'd grab a drink with normally, if not for the high-living training class he's in. [SOO typical of the industry, though]. It's not like he's got you beat in the friend count, locally. And who's counting?

Yet, nothing's stopping you from going out to dinner/drinks with your team, right? Hell - you'll be working with them for the next couple months, might be fun to get to know them on a friendly basis, could even help the daily work, and lead to long-term business opps (if you need a reason).

When I was with ACC, as a local on the long-term project with 80% out of towners, we'd have Trailblazin' Thursdays. We'd choose a restaurant that no one had been too and go out for lunch. It was the only meal out of the office the whole week (seriously, we were slummin' big time). But over time, we all looked forward to it and became good friends, talking about things other than work for 60 minutes. The project became human and bearable.