Thursday, November 30, 2006

Inefficiency Stinks

Few things are worse than a meeting where no one is "in control" of it. So the discussion barrels off on its own course and hours are spent talking, but nothing gets done. The people who are technically senior or in charge don't or won't step in and with a lack of guidance then everyone feels the need to give their opinion. Which of course only makes the meeting longer and more excruciating for those of us who are itching to jump in, make decisions and move things along, but can't because it is not our meeting nor our place to do so.

Lately there are more and more days where I wonder if I seriously wouldn't be happier being a Pilates instructor. At least then I'd be working long hours to help someone's health, not 80 hrs a week to save some huge company a buck or two.

Plus then I'd be the boss of me and could run my own (efficient) meetings.

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Mamacita! said...

hang in there!