Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Masters of our own Vacation

Recently I had the realization that in our nearly 5 years of marriage, my DH and I have only taken one vacation by ourselves. Which, by the way, was our honeymoon in 2002. Which by the way sucked due to a rotten package deal and one very nasty cleanliness issue in a Ft Lauderdale hotel.

So we declared a mulligan on the honeymoon and redid it in 2004. We had a great time in Paris and in Germany, but my sister was along for part of the ride and then we visited some of DH's family for the rest of the trip. In 2005 DH's entire clan got together for a huge ski trip (my first) and I had an absolute blast. In 2006 we paired up a visit from my MIL to our CA home with another ski trip and again, had a great time. But as talks of a 2007 extended family trip began to float around, I had my revelation. Not that I don't love them, in fact I see my in-laws more than my own family, however I think it's time we go solo again. So I brought this up to DH and he agreed to do something just for us next year. Hooray!

Unfortunatley now the planning of the trip is squarely in my lap. God Bless my MIL who in large part coordinated the last 2 trips...I wonder if I could pay her to be our vacation planner this year? So now we have to figure out where we want to go. I get the Eurpoe bug about every 2-3 years and Italy has been on my mind. I only saw the highlights of Rome the last time I was there and DH has never been. Then there's a friend who's getting married in France in June...but that ruins the "just for us" intent, doesn't it? Plus, with the stress of the last year, lying on a beach for hours on end is very appealing. Has anyone ever gone to one of those cheesy Sandals resorts? We're definitley not looking for group beach games, but having everything at our fingertips and being cost inclusive looks like a good deal. Does anyone know what the catch is?

Even though it's going to take a bit more effort on my part to plan things, I'm really looking forward to it. Now I REALLY need to get that new gym membership this week, so that I don't frighten the natives in a bikini!


Beth-pom said...

My friends went to a Sandals resort for their honeymoon, and they RAVED about it! Said it was easy and fun and relaxing... maybe that would be the way to go! You know, an actual VACATION, instead of a break from work to do OTHER mentally strenuous things. :)

Mamacita! said...

We went to a Couples resort in Negril, Jamaica for our honeymoon. It was next to the Sandals, which looked fine - though they do allow children at Sandals resorts, I think.

It's great having all-inclusive at hand. They do price it as if you gorge on food and drink, but it's not outrageous. We've done with and without and it's nice to carry just your room card and leave the wallet in the safe.

Nice thing about Chicago is that there are direct flights to a lot of great destinations.

Last September we went to Reef Resort, Cozumel when I was 8 wks pregnant. Great location, easy to get to. You can fly from Chicago to Cancun and then ferry over to Cozumel. Chicago>Cancun is a cheap flight.
Check out Riu.com - a resort company that has destinations all over.

I gotta tell you though, I've always wanted to go to a wedding in Europe. There are plenty of cool you-only things to do before you travel over to your friend's wedding. And the Italian riviera is close and just as nice as the French one, maybe cheaper. Man, I'd love to plan your trip. :)