Monday, September 24, 2007

Update on the littlest one

Well, there was relief to be had last week during my first dr's appointment on several levels.

1) My bicornate uterus is more than likely a septate uterus--which is more heart-shaped as opposed to 2 seperate "horns." This is a good thing because it means that the baby will have more room to grow and the risk of complications drops a little bit. Yea!

2) EVERYTHING looks text-book PERFECT so far on the ultrasound. Little bit is 1.2 cm long, has a perfect heart rate, little nubs for arms and legs, a big lap pool to laze around in (for the time being!), and so far is plenty busy growing!!!

So, that being said, I'm not quite as tired as I was a couple of weeks ago, but the morning sickness has kicked in enough that I'm uncomfortable to nearly actually getting sick depending on the day. I'm 9 wks along now, so hopefully that will lessen over the next couple of weeks as I approach my Second Trimester! It's still completely unreal that I'm going to be someone's Mom. Very cool, but totally unreal.

Oh! And my due date is 29 April 2008! Yea for spring babies!!

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Chicagoland Mamacita! said...

OMG! So exciting. Thought of you over the weekend as I spilled the beans to yet more relatives, even those who don't know you...but that's how excited I am.

I'll call later to discuss.