Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Beyond Annoyed

I have enjoyed being pregnant. Really I have. I didn't get sick. I haven't been bitchy or overly hormonal (I think I've only cried maybe a handful of times so far). I have minimal swelling in my hands and feet. I've gained weight, but in all the places baby's need, like my "girls" and belly, while keeping a somewhat trim side-waist. I had to switch to flats early on, which I don't love as much as my heels, but at least they're somewhat in style.

I've even thought that most of the maternity clothes I've seen have been somewhat cute and comfortable...until now. Maybe it's just the fact that I'm in the home stretch with only 7 wks to go. Or maybe it's the fact that I'm really getting a large belly and it is, well, awkward, but I am seriously getting annoyed with my wardrobe.

My belly is big enough that it's pushing my pants down to the point where 1) I have to hike them back up b/c they're falling off my ass and 2) now I have a nice exposed strip of skin on the underside of my belly where my shirts no longer meet my pants. And with only 7 wks left...who the heck wants to buy more clothes? But I HAVE to have more than 2 tops and roughly 1.5 pair of pants for work and that's about all I have right now. Even all the tee-shirts that I might consider wearing to work (which I hate to do since I don't work in a tee kinda place) are too damn short! So I'd just be tugging on them to pull them down at the same time I'm yanking my damn pants back up. I swear I'm going to install snaps on everything and hook my tops to my bottoms.

So, in light of the fact that I nearly burst into one of those rare fits of tears today while standing in my closet, I guess I'm going to go shopping over lunch and try to find another top or two to wear. If spring ever frigging comes here in Chicago I have 2 knit skirts and 2 dresses I can wear, but seeing as how it was only 22 degrees this morning...I have to have something to literally cover me for the next couple of weeks while the heavy sweaters I was wearing are either too hot or too small and before I can handle bare legs.

Man a bad clothes day can ruin a person's outlook. Harrumph.

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Chicagoland Mamacita! said...

So, this could be perceived as lunacy - but have you considered a pair of over-the-belly pants? I know, I know...but at this point in the pregnancy they actually become very comfortable. And...they cover.

Another option is really nice...black yoga pants. The kind with back pockets and a front seam to simulate a pant crease. These could take you a long way. Do you want to go shopping this weekend?